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Important things I’m not doing, yet (ITINDY)

When you talk to experienced investors and founders of startups, they tell you it’s all about “focus”, but how do you make that actionable and structured? As the business changes and evolves, a founder (you) will also get lots of … Continue reading

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5 questions to ask every VC (at the beginning and end of the first pitch meeting)

Raising money from VC’s creates a long-term relationship, so you may as well get a good understanding of each other and set up the foundation for a strong two-way dialog.  The VC needs you as much as you need them, … Continue reading

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How I killed my startup hours before closing a seed round

“What details should we use for the final closing documents” is something that every entrepreneur wants to hear. I’d been working on a new idea for over 6 months, had a great team lined up and was on the eve … Continue reading

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Twitter for entrepreneurs – the why and the how of growing a following

I was recently asked to talk to a bunch of budding entrepreneurs about how to use Twitter to grow their own personal brands and therefore additional value to their companies.  The presentation talks about the “why” and the “how” to … Continue reading

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2015 Social Media Priorities (infographic)

Understanding social media is critical and grocking the trends is a good start.  Our team at Rival IQ just put together some good data to get you started.  For more like this, check out our blog – or download … Continue reading

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