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Adam and I are planning a developer meet-up for the Facebook API. The guys at Facebook are likely to fly up and given the interest around here, it should be great. We have been researching local meeting spaces up here in Seattle and I thought I would share the results.

We are looking at having the meeting on July 31, from 6-10pm for somewhere between 70-100 people. Here is what I have found;

Depending on start time and headcount, try Top Pot on 5th too. Insider
secret: coffee shops that close early (or earlier) are often thrilled to stay open and “rent” the space for a hosted coffee bar minimum.

50 is pushing a coffee shop, though. Consider Canlis Glass at 1st and Denny; it’s a gorgeous open space, ten seconds from the street, and loading/unloading is painless.

Over 100, check in with Mark at The Big Picture (under El Gaucho) about layout. And as an attendee, I’m still waiting to see the restored Union Station decked out for an event.





Capital Hill Arts Center (CHAC)

388-0515 (Maggie)

Capital hill


Tables, chairs

attached bar/lounge

$75 for room

$35 projector, $50 PA

Phinney Neighborhood Center

Phinney Ridge


Tables, chairs, PA, screen, kitchen


Seattle downtown library

206- 684-0966 (Cara)



Tables, chairs, PA


Other ones I found, but did not call

Seattle Parks Department



Lots of options


Consolidated Works
206- 381-3218

South Lake Union


Youngstown Community Center

West Seattle


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