About me

Hey, I’m T.A. McCann, an entrepreneur living and working in Seattle, WA.

I am currently a managing director at Pioneer Square Labs (@psl), a startup studio and venture capital firm.  We partner with entrepreneurs to turn ideas into venture-scale companies. Since 2015, we’ve created over 30 companies and raised over 200M in funding.

Previously, I was a co-founder and CEO of Senosis (acquired by Google), using the sensors on the phone to deliver clinical diagnostics and a successful spinout of the University of Washington.

I was a co-founder of Rival IQ (acquired by Netbase) focused on active online marketers who want to get ahead, Rival IQ saves you time and delivers key insights about your competitors’ marketing activity/success (web, search, social…).

I was VP of Product Strategy at Blackberry, focused on BBM (Blackberry Messenger), social applications (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Foursquare…) as well as the native Contacts apps after Blackberry acquired Gist.  I was the founder and CEO of Gist.com, a social address book and personal CRM tool, as well as Jump2Go and 3 other web-based companies.

I’m on the boards of RemarkablyTeamSense,  Volt-AthleticsTheZeroCard, Doxa7 and Splash. I also spent 4 years at Microsoft in various roles on Exchange and Mobile Service Delivery Platforms.  I like B2B and mobile stuff!

I’m an active angel investor and have made investments in Creative Live,  SkillJarInnervate as well as Founders Co-opLogosFund and SKV.  I plan to do more angel investments in productivity tools (see my list here), education and “quantified health” (using mobile, big data and machine-learning to improve health and human performance), so connect with me here.

I host two podcasts including How to Live to 200 (focus on health and longevity) and Beyond the Blue Badge (focus on founders who spent time at Microsoft).  Lots of great lessons in both of these.

I like sharing my experience and ideas, so I spend lots of time at  Techstars (active mentor), Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Washington (on the board) and was previously on the board of  Lake Washington Girls Middle School.  I learn by mentoring, coaching and teaching.

Prior to my startup activity, I was a professional sailor and competed in 2 America’s Cups (won one, lost one) and the Whitbread Round the World race (now called the Volvo Ocean Race).  I am married to Teresa, a wonderful and creative woman, and father of Ray, a smart, caring and active daughter!  When I am not working, I like to run and bike long distances and swim at 1/2 the pace I did in college.

Feel free to connect with me in any of the follow ways:

Twitter – @tamccann

LinkedIn – /tamccann

Facebook – /tamccann

Angel List – /tamccann

Email – tam@helpshare.com

Presentations and slide decks – http://www.slideshare.net/tamccann

More headshots – tamccann.com/headshots