5 key trends on the future of social and mobile

I am confident that a few things will be really important over the next few years (mobile and social).  Esteban Contreras put together this deck with lots of good stats.  Here are the ones I found most interesting with a few takeaways for entrepreneurs;

– WRT to social networking users, Indonesia and India are growing very fast, >50% year/year.  

– learn what you can from scenarios that work in Indo and India– Over 50% of Facebook users are “daily active users” 

– bet on Facebook and connect your apps, leverage the OpenGraph– US social media ad spending to reach $9.B by 2016

– it is very early days for the social ad space, Facebook has lots of page views, but ads perform poorly relative to other strategies, focus on ways to make ads more powerful and relevant for FB users 

– over 6B mobile phone users, ~1B are smartphone now but growing rapidly, Android leading the volume game (~400M) 

– keep investing in mobile scenarios and despite the dev/test fragmentation challenges, think hard about Android

– Video will be really important in the near future (especially in developed markets).  Things like Viddy or YouTube Channels or Google Hangouts…lots of room for more “what’s next” scenarios, especially when you combine it with brands (placement and advertising)

2H12: The State of Social Media & Social Media Marketing in the Second Half of 2012

Thanks @socialnerdia (Esteban Contreras) for putting this together.

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