Active Words and getting things done

I like to be as efficient as the next guy and so I keep my eye out for tools that can make me more productive and/or save me time. Recently, my friend Buzz Bruggeman introduced me to his product, Active Words. Simply put, this product lets you assign a word ( an activeword) for anything you can type/mouse on your PC. I have been most impressed with the “substitute text” feature and the scripting. For example, I invite lots of people to use my new product, Minebox. When I want to invite them, I simply type “mbwelcome” anywhere and Activewords;

  • Opens a new Outlook email message
  • Adds a specific subject line that I have pre-defined
  • Adds the specific text in the body that I pre-defined

Then, I just add the email address and away we go. This process alone saves me 5-20 minutes/week depending on how many people I am inviting. I also make sure the invite text and subjects are identical which helps me in filing and staying on top of the users progress. I plan to use the same process for following up with Alpha users and dealing with other repetitive tasks.

Buzz has lots of other things set up for himself, like “fly” which automatically opens a browser and goes to Expedia or “bank” which would open my on-line banking…the product is very flexible and could easily be adapted to work you many types of tasks, saving you minutes every time. I highly recommend giving it a try.

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