All I need to do is listen to Buzz Bruggerman

Every time I see my friend Buzz Bruggerman, he tells me about some productivity tool that I had either never heard of or forgotten to try. Today I was watching him being interviewed on Fast Company TV by Robert Scoble and he showed off MindJet. This mind-mapping software works for both Mac and PC and helps you capture complex relationships between content and ideas. For me, who has lots of projects going on at any one time and who has many areas of focus for each project, the process of mind-mapping is freeing and productive. While I was watching the video, I downloaded and installed the software and within 20 minutes I had 3 different maps going; a marketing strategy for the new company, a product roadmap, potential VCs for next round of funding… It was really helpful to get all these ideas down. Thanks again Buzz!

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