Coffee and new forms of communication

I just had a coffee with my friend Robert Pease. He used to be the VP of Marketing at MessageGate, where we both worked and thought alot about communication, email and regulatory compliance. We both loved the first 2 topics and kinda hated the 3rd, but thought there was a business there. We may have been wrong but no matter, it wasn’t that fun to sell the software anyway. We are still both hoping they can sell the company and get a little bonus for our work there. Good luck Shaun Wolfe and crew.

He has just taken a new gig at Hubspan, which is doing cool stuff around corporate data integration, think EDI2.0 and/or web services and API mapping (in my own words). Anyway, he is VP of Marketing there and we were discussing how communication (corporate and personal) is changing and new techniques for corporate marketing.

I made some notes about what I wanted to send him and instead of sending and email (like I usually do), I decided to make this post so everyone could share. Robert, you should check out;

  • my blog post about corporate blogging, I would love your comments on how to make this better.
  • Mavericks at Work regarding US Gold Corp and their efforts to crowd-source gold discovery. While I loved the book, I wish they had published the chapter online so I could link to it. Instead, I had to find this article for Success Magazine instead which gives you the background. Also, good podcast that deals with the topic and the CEO of US Gold Corp, Rob McEwen.
  • also, you should check out Programmable Web, and contact the CEO, John Musser about innovative things going on regarding web services, API and other related topics. John is a good friend and wicked smart about these topics. You should get him in front of some of the Hubspan customers.

Thanks for the suggestions regarding Audacity for podcasting and the ideas about ways to improve traffic to my blog. I look forward to your insights and links and new ideas about communications and marketing.

Good to have you on this side of the water and in the building.

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