I like ilike and the like

I am a music fan. I grew up during the early MTV days and remember the launch, and I still love music videos. Some show me simply what the band looks like and how they act while others provide more context for the sentiment or lyrics of the song. I have recently been introducing my daughter Ray to new bands as well and she loves to watch the videos on YouTube, the new MTV on demand.

I also love to discover new music. That’s why I like sites like www.last.fm (where my friend Toby works) and I even started a company to help radio listeners discover new music, www.jump2go.com. Just this week, while I was reorganizing my ever expanding set of Facebook apps, I opened up ilike. Wow, how great is that. I just started listing the bands I liked and, bam, there were a host of videos, concert tour dates mapped to Seattle (my home), and other related bands. These guys have done a stellar job helping me stay on top of the bands I like.

One other site that I was just turned on to is Seeqpod which lets you create streaming playlists and then share them around the web, like this;

SeeqPod – Playable Search

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