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Funny how connections happen. One of my favorite artists is Bob Mould, who penned the song Dog on Fire, which was played by another one of my favorite bands They Might Be Giants which is now the theme song of one of my favorite shows, The Daily Show.

Ok, it gets better. So the name of the song is likely to have come from a famous Simpsons episode (which I love as well) called “Stark Raving Dad“. Here is the scene dialog;

Homer watches television...

Announcer: Our $50,000 home video finalists are...
Man Breaking Hip. [sound of bowling pins, followed by a scream]
Homer: [chuckles]
Announcer: [chuckles]
Dog On Fire.
[doing a doggy voice]
Ruff, anybody order a hot dog?
Homer: [laughs uproariously] Oh, look at him!
Announcer: And finally, Baby With a Nail Gun. [kachunk]
Homer: Aww....
Announcer: Okay, it's time to cast your votes now!
Homer: Dog On Fire! Dog On Fire!
-- America's Stupidest Home Videos, ``Stark Raving Dad''

I wish I could find the clip.

The connections get weirder by the day.

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