ouch, my calves hurt – Mountians to Sound relay

My brother Rob and I did the Mountains to Sound relay last weekend for the second year. This is a really fun, point-to-point race that covers 100 miles in one day, combining mountain biking, road biking, kayaking and running. Last year, it was over 90 degrees, but this year it was cool and despite the distance, much more tolerable. We ended up 93rd overall and 7th in the Open Pairs division. We did get a flat (me) and Rob had an old boat, which likely cost us a some key time. Our leg places respectively were;

  • mountain bike (Rob) – 17th (3:59 off the best buy) – sweet, mass downhill works
  • road bike (T.A. ) – 83rd (30:29 off the best guy) – damn flat, missing the good pace line, thinking I was going to get another flat… I can probably get back 8-10 minutes which would put us at 52nd overall
  • paddle (Rob) – 110th (1:04 off the best guy) – ouch, a bad boat can cost you
  • half-marathon (T.A) – 123rd (1:20 off the best guy) – ouch, a bad set of shoes can really hurt ya (oh, and some very large calves that I need to drag along). 2:07 is pretty damn slow. I guess I dragged the team down and know where to train next year.
  • 6 mile run (Rob) – 66th (16:48 off the best guy) – way to finish it up.

Next year, Rob will be 40, so we can move into Masters. Get a new boat and new wheels and we might have a chance. Oh, and I guess we need to train.

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