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Jan 10, 2024

Chase Jarvis LIVE: How to Choose a Business Idea That Fits You Best

I share my insights on entrepreneurship in this episode. I emphasize the importance of aligning your skills and interests with your business idea, and the significance of understanding the market and your target customers. I discuss choosing the right idea based on these criteria and the balance between scaling a business and staying involved in the creative process. Additionally, I highlight the value of co-founders who complement your abilities, a crucial aspect of building a successful venture.

Dec 27, 2023

Chase Jarvis LIVE: How to Pitch Your Ideas and Secure Funding for Your Startup

In this episode, I dive into how to identify good investors, personalize your outreach, and effectively handle initial funding round meetings, sharing my Three-Paragraph Intro (3PI) formula. I recount my experience of turning down an investment just hours before a successful fundraise, emphasizing the importance of securing a second meeting and building a relationship based on likability, understanding, and trust. My practical and honest advice offers a roadmap for entrepreneurs aiming to raise venture capital.

Nov 06, 2023

Chase Jarvis LIVE: Navigating the Funding Maze: How to Raise Money for Your Business

I reflect on my journey from a professional sailor to a successful entrepreneur, founding companies like Senosis and Gist, and my role as an angel investor and adjunct professor at UW Foster School of Business. I discuss the challenges of scaling startups, the relevance of quantified health in investments, and insights from my sailing career, including participation in the America's Cup and Whitbread Round the World Race. Key factors for startup success, the impact of marketing analytics, and the importance of understanding user needs are also explored. I emphasize the role of innovation, collaboration, and community in the dynamic startup ecosystem.