The best tools to save me time… GTD

I was at a leading law firm this morning talking about Gist and other tools we are using to make use more efficient at gathering and/or processing information. I started this list;

All the time; – gives me all the email messages, tweets, news, blogs… about the people and companies I care about (automatically) – my twitter reader – to save time doing repeat tasks, especially responding to email – my RSS reader (blogspot) – my personal blog (wordpress) – corporate blog – quickly grab signature files and create Outlook contacts

Sometimes or passively; – tracks my blog comments across multiple sites and blogs – allows me to manage my profile photo in many places (new entrant, I also worked on this worked on this at Vulcan) – I have created “collections” for key topics and competitors – outlook add-in that organizes email into projects – tracks posts and stuff from my friends across lots of different sites and services – makes my travel more efficient and somewhat social (I can see when my friends are in town or I am near them)

I am sure there are lots of other tools listed on sites like, but what tools are you using that you really like. Leave me a good comment and I can hook you up with a beta account.

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