Great friends…

I am fortunate to have great friends and family. I experienced so much of this over the long weekend. First, we had a wonderful Korean dinner party, hosted by Rich and Susie. This was an auction item and included a smorgasboard of fine dishes prepared from local sources. My favorite was the Northwest Tofu with red pepper, ginger sauce and the Hendricks Scottish Gin.

Then on Sunday, the McCann family traveled to Mt Rainier to remember our parents and dogs who’ve passed in the last few years. We went to our favorite spots where their ashes are spread and did our annual hand feeding of the birds and sledding at Paradise. It is nice to have a family that shares similar values and customs.

Finally, on Memorial Day, my brother Rob and Mark Wessel staged an awesome “Battle of the Network Stars” complete with teams, ribbons, trophies and great costumes. It was a huge amount of effort and creativity and ultimately tons of fun.

My friend Roger made a video of some of the action.

And we had a great collection of friends who came out and ran, jumped, crab-walked, threw… for their favorite network. I am lucky to have these people in my life!

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