Tim Ferris is one smart guy…

I’ve watched and given lots of presentations, but I had to share this one specifically because it is really good. Tim Ferris, author or “4-hour work week” does everything right in this presentation. Here is what I really like;

– great headline that is easily remembered, shared and tweeted – How to Create a Global Phenomenon for Less Than $10,000
– makes the video and the presentation available for sharing and future use Ferriss – Le Web 2
– gives real data about his experience with actions and conversion metrics from his site and others that we can all take away and use
– gives some love to our friend @Scobleizer and outlines the impact that key influencers can have vs. “traditional” PR (I totally agree) with real numbers
– gives examples of new tools that might help others, e.g. www.crazyegg.com and www.slinkset.com – which is also very good
– shares anecdotes about how he has extended his experience to other sites including the Daily Burn

Tight, data driven, real information that we can all learn from. Thanks Tim!

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